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Welcome to our Fundraising Online Catalog

You have been asked by someone you know to participate in a cause that is important to them and quite likely important to you, either by association or cause. Show your support by simply shopping on this site and a minimum of 40% of the cost of every item bought will go to the cause.

If you have arrived at this site via an invite from a friend or relative you are already on your way to supporting this worthwhile cause. The person who sent you the link will automatically receive credit provided you clicked on the link they sent you to arrive at this page. If you do not see their name above please contact the individual or group and ask them to resend their link to you or make sure you include their name and school name at checkout.

Please take a moment and browse the hundreds of  magazine titles at discounted prices  covering topics of interest for all ages. Also available is a unique variety of other worthwhile product to choose from to make it easier for you to support the group including candles,  Christmas and all occasion cards, candy, coffeeyoung readers, booksmusic and wrapping paper.


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